Spreading Joy

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Make a difference for just ONE person today – just one…


There is no joy like spreading joy! 

So many people have a desire to make a difference for others, but when they stop to look at their situation, they get wrapped up in what they don’t have, what they can’t do and what they seem as impossible.  Then, being “defeated by circumstances” they decide that they can’t make a difference.

WRONG.  You already have the resources YOU need to make a difference for others and to do so everyday! 


Many people spend a lifetime looking for joy but the truth of the matter is that we all have joy within us!

Joy isn’t in things, money or positions.  It is IN us. And we need to bring it with us and SHARE it!

The only way to truly have great joy is to give joy.  Yes – Spread JOY!   At that point, your heart will be flooded with great joy!

We can help you with your quest for JOY! We can help you choose JOY.  We can help you see past the circumstances that cloud your heart so that you can clearly see the choice of JOY.

Our Current Project is Encouraging our Veterans! If you know a Veteran that could use some Encouragement please add them to our list! Always confidential, encouraging and we have nothing but RESPECT for these Men and Women that serve and have served our Country


Thank a Veteran


 Please click the link above to see how you may help sponsor our event! 


Welcome to Spreading Joy Corporation.  We are a 501(c)(3) IRS Approved Non-Profit Organization with the desire to remind individuals of the simple joy of giving. We are dedicated to Outreach and Encouragement of communities with Acts of Joy and Kindness! 

When you take the time each day to focus on others, you’ll soon realize that regardless of personal circumstances you can make a big difference in a big way with any kind of gift.  You do not have to give big to make a big difference.  You simply need to start giving what you can, where you are without worry of what it is or the size. (This removes the Guilt factor from giving.)

Simply speaking, make a difference with the resources you have.

We, like many others, desire to give big, but until that day comes, we will simply do what we can with what we have.

Our Vision:

Is to simply empower others to make a difference with the resources they already have while getting rid of the guilt that is commonly associated with the desire to do more.


Our Mission:

By placing our focus on others, Spreading Joy Corporation will aid in restoring hope to those who would otherwise feel that there is no use to try and make a difference.  Many people often forget that “there is no joy like spreading joy” and that if they cannot give big – that they will not make a difference which is simply not true.  Each gift, regardless of its size or type, makes a HUGE impact.  You never know which gift will make a life changing impact.

Focusing on Outreach and encouraging communities and By making a difference with what we have, Spreading Joy Corporation will have the ability to spread its resources over a variety of target areas such as:

  • Children
  • Elderly
  • Homeless
  • Battered Women’s Shelter
  • Ordinary People Needing Encouragement

To hear more about our passion for others, please click and listen to this interview:

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Get into the habit of Spreading Joy by taking the 30 Day Challenge:

This challenge is designed to get you to think about ways to make a difference DAILY.  This will be life changing as your focus will be removed from “what” you give and put on the “fact” that you are giving.  We will help you on this adventure by emailing you daily for 30 days.  Click the link, sign up and start making a difference today!


We want to rise above the discouragement of high prices, the obstacle of dead ends and the disappointment of our comfort zone.  We want to be the change that is so desperately needed.


Will you JOYn us in this quest?

As you can see, Spreading Joy is for everyone!  We are looking for Corporate Sponsors as well as individual partners.  We are looking for 500 people that will partner with us at just $10.00 a month.  This is just a few bucks a week and many of us can afford that or trade up a coffee, few apps etc to work together to make a big difference.

Will you give big with us?

Our Mailing address is

Spreading Joy Corporation
PO Box 1771
Denver NC 28037

Or you can safely donate using the PayPal button in the top right corner of our page.



Here is a personal Warm Welcome to Spreading Joy

welcome to spreading joy



You’ll find links to interviews, no cost ways to make a difference and other things that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your heart.

Spreading JOY daily without breaking the bank? YES, it is possible.  

Outreach isn’t limited to Ministries, Non Profits, Churches or other Businesses.  

You and your family can impact others with great JOY! Your Children can be givers and do-ers and not “entitled, give it to me now” Veruca Salt’s of the World.  This Easy to read book is full of ideas anyone can do and 100% of the profits goes right back into making a difference! That’s right! The proceeds goes right into the Spreading Joy Corporation Bank Account.  I never even see a penny. So you are doing good for others in many different ways when you purchase this book! 



Get our book here!



I am Spreading Joy daily and I hope that you’ll JOYn me in making a difference where you are, with what you have.


Thank you for your efforts in Spreading Joy!


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Need something? Email me.  Want some encouragement for your Small Group, Sunday School Class or just an infusion of Joy for your meeting, call me.  I love Spreading Joy and encouraging others and don’t charge for visiting with you. 

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