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Make a difference for just ONE person today – just one…

welcome to spreading joy 

As the founder/creator of Spreading Joy, I’d like to personally welcome you,  as well as share a little of myself with you.

I am a lover of the million little things that make life BIG! I love old books, hot coffee, the laughter of children and the priceless hugs that mean more than anything.

I want everyone to  know – “There’s NO joy like Spreading Joy!”

I have a desire to make a difference. A HUGE Difference. Right now, it is not possible to give on the level that my heart desires, so I’m concentrating on what I have and I’m giving that. I have time, I have a voice and I have a gift of gab. Well, maybe not a “gift” but I do enjoy talking. I’m just here to help people realize they can make a difference without breaking the bank! The coolest thing – when you give anything, YOU get so much more back than even the precipitant gets. You should try it!


You can give to Spreading Joy just by taking a Cruise with Us! Departing October 17th 2015 – will you JOYn us for a great time of refreshment and giving back? Click the photo below  for details and to make your reservation!

The costs below are for 2 people per cabin. It INCLUDES Taxes, Port Fees and Gratuity so there are NO hidden costs.  Carnival Cruise Line and Terry Jones will both make a donation to Spreading Joy just because you are taking a vacation!

Interior Cabin (cat4B) $1382

Ocean View Cabin (cat 6B) $1562

Balcony Cabin (cat 8B) $1902

Again – Taxes, Port Fees and ALL Gratuities are included in the price!


carnival valor



Our Current Event of Giving Back – Helping Kids go Back to School with all the supplies they will need!





Take the 30 day challenge and do one thing a day for 30 days and you’ll see how wonderful you feel everyday! Click the photo above and we’ll show you how easy it is and we’ll even email you 3 ideas to choose from each day for 30 day! FREE!  That is just how awesome making a difference is for others!


I am passionate about giving. Everyone can make a difference – yes even you! Many people feel they have nothing to offer, but you do.

Click this photo below to be taken to an article that has 50 Ways to Make a difference without spending a single penny!



If 50 was was NOT enough – here are ANOTHER 50 Ways To Make a Difference.  






Between these two links, you have over 100 ways of making a difference, right where you are, without spending a penny.

Every act of joy that you do, regardless of the size, may have an everlasting ripple effect. You never know where that act of joy will end up. You, the giver, are splashed with joy as you make a difference. Go!! Enjoy the splashes of JOY as you make a difference everyday!



So, tell me.  How are YOU spreading joy? Click the photo below and leave YOUR story of spreading joy in the comment section.



I like getting to know people and want people to know me, to be comfortable with me, to know I’m a real person with real hopes, dreams, cry real tears and am completely silly at times.  For your viewing pleasure, I’ve complied a little bit of info about me, just to keep it real. (Ok, so there are 50 completely random things about me there!)  If you have a list like that, please link me up with it.  If not, please share a little of yourself in the comment section.  I love getting to know you!

I love celebrating the LITTLE things that make life BIG!  Click the photo for  my GINORMOUS list of little things!

littlest things great joy



I also lead an online Music Worship Service –  Tworship (Twitter Nightly Worship)along with my friend Pastor Mike each week night at 9pm EST.

Tworship is a LIVE Worship Service on Twitter.  There are 3 pre-selected songs that start at 9pm EST.  You play the songs at the set time and tweet lyrics, verses or whatever your heart is feeling during this time of worship.   If you have tweetdeck, make a column for #Tworship and use the hashtag, and you’ll see everyone’s tweets at the time.  You can also use tweetchat.com and put in the hashtag #Tworship – change the update rate to 5 seconds and you’ll see everyone as well.  This is cool in that it will end all of your tweets with #Tworship for you.  I love technology!

Hope you’ll join us. (Click the above link for more info on how we started Tworship and what to do to join in!)


We want to rise above the discouragement of high prices, the obstacle of dead ends and the disappointment of our comfort zone. We want to be the change that is so desperately needed.



JOYn Spreading Joy on Facebook! This allows us to easily encourage you and you can easily encourage others by sharing our posts with your friends and family.  We’d love to connect with you over there.

Click the photo below and like our page.



- join our Facebook Group Page. Love to see you there!


Did you know that subscribing to our articles here and subscribing to our newsletters are two different things?  Well, it is.  The newsletter comes out about monthly.  The articles that I publish here come out about weekly.  Never intrusive, always encouraging.  You should sign up.

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It’s been my pleasure to be a guest on Blog Talk Radio and involved in other interviews! You can find those interviews here:

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I’m honored to be a guest blogger for Brett Corbett over at www.christianrep.com – You’ll also find more of my writing here: http://christianrep.com/blog/blog/marie/

Our Mailing Address is:

Spreading Joy Corporation
P.O. Box 1771
r NC 28037

Thank you Richard for producing this awesome video that shares our work and our heart for others!

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