An Extra Day

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more-time-please ideas

I’m a wife, mom, sister, cousin, aunt, full time employee, church member, occasional student, Non-Profit owner and a whole host of other things.  Much like you are, I’d say, I’m pretty busy.

Sometimes, I find myself saying “will someone PAAAALEEEEEEEESE order me up another day!!”  and I tend to get all kinds of whiny about it.

Well, thanks to leap year, I GET just that!  And I have to tell you, I’m pretty excited about my adventure!  I am NOT going to waste this extra day that I’m given and I hope that you’ll JOYn me in making the most of our extra 24 hours!

At the very least, I’m going to make a difference an hour.

Here is what I’m planning on accomplishing with my extra DAY!

  1. Calling my mom and telling her how awesome she is
  2. Sending pizza to my husband for lunch!
  3. Letting my children know how special they are
  4. Using this coupon to purchase someone’s meal
  5. Making a contribution to Spreading Joy’s Basketball Tournament Event
  6. Calling an old friend and letting them know they are thought about
  7. Reminding everyone to use their extra day to make a difference for others
  8. Mail a thinking of you card to someone that I’ve lost touch with
  9. Passing out an entire package of Reese’s cups (ok…maybe minus one…maybe)
  10. Comment on a blog and share on social media sites
  11. Dedicating all of my tweets to others for the entire day. Shouting out THEIR websites
  12. Sending an email, thanking someone for being a precious friend – sticking with me through thick and thin, good and bad and loving me no matter what
  13. Purchase a little girl toy and give it away randomly & tell them I’m spreading joy their way
  14. Purchase a little boy toy and give it away randomly & tell them I’m spreading joy their way
  15. Purchase a bouquet of flowers and give away…yes, randomly (if I were home, I’d give to my mom…so maybe Friday)
  16. I will email 10 corporations asking for sponsors and/or donations for Spreading Joy
  17. I will thank a US Vet for their service in the military
  18. I will encourage everyone to use their extra day with care
  19. I will be the typical big sister and harass my little sister
  20. I will praise the Lord for the extra time publically
  21. I will pick up any trash that I happen upon and not complain
  22. I will facebook a few people that I’ve not had a lot of contact with and encourage them
  23. I will Laugh with someone today
  24. I WILL Completely enjoy my extra day of making a difference for others


How about you?  What adventure will you plan for your extra day? 

Will you let it come and slowly slip away without even giving notice? 

Share with us something you plan to do.  It doesn’t have to be 24 items…. Just do something extra with your extra day!




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  1. You sound VERY busy! You have listed some really inspiring and generous things here. You encourage others to live a more virtuous life by your words and actions- thank you.

    What am I going to do with my extra day?

    I want to spend time with my family, to not worry about my to-do list and to simply enjoy the day. To take my dogs and baby for a walk, to ask the teen down the street to come to church with me and to do whatever it is God directs.
    TC Avey recently posted..Modern Day Bonhoeffer: Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani

  2. Like you, I am very busy so I’ve decided to spend my extra day being “Un-Busy.” On Feb 29, 2012 I will be spending the day with my Father. I’m dedicating the entire day to Him and I’ve lined up some activities that draw me closer. I’ll be listening to sermons online, reading scripture, praying and keeping my heart on God for the entire 24 hours. This is a day I want to spend entirely with the Lord. A “mini-retreat” from the busyness of my life. A vacation with Abba. :-)

  3. @TC – ohh i’m with you. the To Do list is officially a to don’t list – other than my goals here. And i will be GIDDY with delight… I’m truly like a kid at Christmas when I’m giving/doing for others. ohhh, to be doing this every day, all day – one day. thanks for the encouragement!!

    @Christine – I am totally scheduling me one of those days in the near future!!! I love this. We should all do it. One of my fav verses is where Jesus says to come apart and rest a while. AWESOME inspiration.

    {{HUGS}} you two!! and thank YOU for sharing what you are doing with YOUR extra day!!


  4. Phew eee – that’s an impressive list!

    I will spend at least an hour stealing most of your ideas.

    Help someone a little more than they asked for.
    Get in some extra hugs and kisses
    Laugh and bring others with me
    Sleep a little extra to be a kinder person tomorrow
    Be still, so I can hear my next assignment :D
    blogomomma recently posted..In the meantime….

  5. Wow Marie, you are a busy and giving person. I am impressed with your list. I never thought about how I will spend my ‘extra day’. You have some great ideas. I am usually just thankful to get through another day :) I will likely spend much of my time tweeting for life, against abortion. If you haven’t noticed it is something I’m very passionate about. As always, I hope others will see me speaking out for the most vulnerable and join me! Thanks for sharing…I may steal a few of your ideas as well.
    @littlebytesnews recently posted..Social Issues Are Constitutional Issues And Should Not Be Ignored

  6. @blogomomma YOU my precious friend are adorable! you are always extra kinder and totally being still is something i will squeeze in as well. don’t want to miss out on what HE has for me.

    @littlebytesnews you always keep us up to date and well informed. thank you – and your heart for those that cant speak out always touches me. when their voices don’t get a chance to be heard, i know YOU are always faithful to cry out for them. i’m honored you are in my world.

    steal away ladies… i hope these ideas inspire you for many days to come. you both are such sweet gems in my world!



  7. I have dibs on being the one u share a laugh with!!!

  8. Hi Marie

    You know I wasn’t going to read this blog
    but I’m glad I did. It has brighten my day.

    My world has been turned upside down
    these last couple months for me.

    This blog has given me the strength I needed
    to go on and be me again.

    I’m sure going to borrow some of these things
    and I’m going to be doing spring cleaning soon
    so I’ll have some things for you.

    Thank you and God bless you
    bonnie squires recently posted..I need your Love!

  9. Todd, i loooooved laughing with you today…and i think you know me well enough that i also cried after we hung up. i love you and miss you dearly. somehow….i will probably always miss you horribly.

    Bonnie – i’m so glad you read it. the things you’ve endured – and what you’ve been through would be difficult for anyone, but you keep on keeping on. i’m thankful for you.

  10. its 8:30ishpm and here is how the day has played out…

    1. done..& she feels better
    2. He looved his pizza & shared with a friend! NICE
    3. Texted & talked to both today.
    4. Chic-fil-a – was such fun. & the dude at the window made me smile with his genuine chuckle of excitement when i gave HIM a reesecup
    5. The check is written & will be deposited when i get home
    6. I LOVED my conversation today
    7. I told many people to “enjoy their extra day”
    8. In the mail
    9. ok, ok…it was 2 packages and YES… instead of a dozen…it was ONLY 11 (i could NOT resist)
    10. commented & shared…
    11. over 90 tweets will go out highlighting about 150 websites & owners of those sites.
    12. sent several actually
    13. purchased 2 of them… cute little girls got them.
    14 – purchased but still in my car. will find a little guy tomorrow i guess.
    15 the deep peach colored roses were received with a HUGE grin and HER name …. Rose :)
    16 I’ve only emailed 3 people today…i enjoyed some time in the pool.. :)
    17 SO thankful for this oppty… nice young Army Gentleman. I love our military
    18 encouraged several…well, at least i hope i did
    19 hmm, never enough harassing…i will do more
    20 at 9pm est, i will do this one
    21 i usually never complain…much… but today – ZERO – just cleaned off the counter
    22 shared several picts.
    23 I LOVED laughing with Todd today. thanks Son. i sure do miss you
    24. Completely enjoyed this day… my heart smiled and soared as i worked through this list…marking things off, one by one.

    even if you can’t purchase things… you can still make a difference. go to the quick links section and there are 100 ways that are ZERO cost to help you get started.

    I hope your extra day has been full of amazing JOY


  11. Hi Marie

    My day has been amazing. People asked
    how I was doing and the family. Had fun on
    a friends page with the letter F. lol

    Commented on some friends blog.
    Talk to my oldest daughter and waiting
    on news about our 2nd oldest daughter
    and what the doctor told her today.

    Can’t wait till friday when our older son
    will come visit yay.

    Hope your having a wonderful day Marie
    Hugs bonnie
    bonnie squires recently posted..I need your Love!

  12. What great ideas!! I especially love the suggestions to sending cards in the mail. I know that I always LOVE when I get a card in the mail, and that is something a lot of us don’t do often enough.
    Ashley Swavel recently posted..What Do Cobie Smulders, Kathy Bates, and Diem Brown Have In Common?

  13. Wow, that would be a fun and full extra day!


  14. i never even thought of any of that! :D
    andi recently posted..Over $6 In New Savings Available Today!

  15. I found the book Tell Your Time to be very helpful. I also feel that we can do all that we need to do when we have our priorities right…which means saying no to other things at times! We should be scheduling in time to be a blessing to others too!
    Samantha recently posted..Preschool Craft Supplies to Have on Hand

  16. Now that is what I call a busy day, Marie. You know how to squeeze a lot in a day bubbling over with nothing but good things.
    Mary Collins recently posted..Pray for Street Children

  17. That is a pretty crazy list! Be sure to take a breath and enjoy the day while you’re trying to accomplish all that. I really like the idea of making the leap day special, but I haven’t thought past my in-laws coming at Christmas. But I will certainly keep this in mind and let it rattle around up there until I can also have a good, fun list of things to do on Leap Day.
    Megan Gonzalez recently posted..Focus on Now: Enjoy Each Moment

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