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Playing Around! Priceless Memories

Warmth in the Winter
Gentle Breeze in the the heat
Smiles through the pain
Encouragement after defeat

Relaxing, comfy and being myself
Fun, silly and serious when necessary
With no worries of judgement
And reinforcement during the scary

Late Night or early Morning
Enjoying coffee, diet coke or unsweetened tea
Messy hair, no makeup
I am free to be completely me!


I love the quietness of the early mornings.  I love how still everything is.

I love the noise of the late nights when both children are home, Todd has the TV entirely too loud and Steve is asleep, snoring so loud the kids shut the door to tone it down a little.

I love that we are all so different, yet we all feel free to just simply be ourselves.

Talk about freedom!  Priceless.

Are you making your home a place that is full of individual expressions? Is everyone completely free to be themselves?

What are some of your weekend routines? Are you up early on Saturday mornings? Do you hang out in your jammies, relaxing with coffee and slowly starting the day? Do you get right up and at ‘em?

{{HUGS}} yall



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  1. Hi Maria,

    Our weekends vary but I get up and have my
    tea first thing in the morning.

    But yesterday I had so much fun. It was one
    of my better days. I made the dough for peanut butter
    cookies. I don’t know how it started but we ended up
    having a flour fight. It was so fun and it was funny to.
    Mom got the worst of it but that’s OK our kids got to see
    me with white hair. lol I got to upload the pictures to FB
    or some where so you can see them faces,hair,ever thing
    or just about ever thing white.
    Only bad thing is the kids used all the towels so I’ve to do
    wash again. lol

    Thanks for sharing.
    Bonnie Squires recently posted..Because Love is bigger than anything else

    • i love times like that – we are completely silly and doing whatever,whenever.

      and the fun is that you just don’t know how it got started, but such a memory!!

      thank you for sharing! you made me smile!


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