Rhymes of a Random Soul

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Dreams DO Come True

Serving HUGS on a Platter and Tears in a Tea Cup – That grabbed my attention as I am unashamedly a hugger by nature.  I’m also a JOYous person but I’m one that cries….and probably do so more than you’d imagine.

I can’t remember exactly how we came to meet online, but I knew when I saw her tag line that Lauri would be someone I would enjoy getting to know.  I checked out her blog and found that this creative gal takes various prompts and can turn them into poetry.

I read through the great writing on her website and saw a poem that spoke to my heart.  Even Happy Cries Sometimes.  Talking about how we all lose our “happy” from time to time.  Sometimes there is not a reason, sometimes you’ll never know why.  Amazing Poem. I hope you’ll check it out

Lauri has compiled her poetry into a book, thus fulfilling a dream.  Alaurilee – Rhymes of a Random Soul – I’ve always loved Lauri’s poems.  Having the personal pleasure of a REAL hug from this awesome poet, I knew her book was sure to inspire.  When I received my copy I immediately “thummed” through it for my favorite poem – “Even Happy Cries Sometimes” - There it was on page 160!

Awesome Gift From Lauri

If you love poetry, grab the book. You’ll love it, as there are 172 pages full of amazing poetry.  (Thanks Lauri for my copy.) I am honored that she even wrote a poem about the Gift of Spreading Joy. I hope you’ll check it out and comment on it.

Here is a little more about Lauri:

Lauri loves reaching out to others and is a huge supporter of those struggling with life threatening illnesses. She has personally been touched by her husband’s struggles with the pain of Chronic Crohn’s Disease. Having several friends and family members touched by cancer, she is inspired by those in the fight of their lives. To show her support, she has walked in the ‘Buddy’s Race for the Cure’ for the past 3 years and participated in the inaugural Cards4Cancer project in April, 2010; writing a special poem for cancer fighters and organized the making of 200 cards for a local Cancer Center.
As a wife, mother, and Mamaw to her adorable grandchildren, she is a lover of smiles, hugs and ladybugs. She cherishes her family, her friends and every blessed moment life grants her.  For a detailed look at her, the book and the how’s and why’s of her writing, enjoy this link to an interview from  her.  Follow on twitter as well @grnladybug

Love the LadyBug!!

A Sampling of Lauri’s Poetry:

The Future

Hope for the future,
don’t dwell in the past.
Live in the present
and make today last.



Pray for tomorrow;
let life live on.
Hope for the future
because yesterday’s gone.

Gentle Rain

Gentle rain
splattering down,
calm me with
your lullaby song.

Cleanse my wounds
and ease my pain;
heal my world
oh gentle rain.

Softly fall
on such a melancholy day,
on, gentle rain,
wash all my troubles away.

Lauri and I will be hosting a “virtual meet the Author” online at www.tinychat.com/spreadingJOY.  It will be Saturday December  4th at 2pm EST.  Lauri will be available to chat with and sign any books that get ordered. I love getting books signed by the authors!  I hope that you’ll plan on joining us!

She even does customized poetry – here is more information about that.

Order the book, tell her SpreadingJOY sent you and her HUGE heart will donate 10% back to our non profit to help others! YOUR act of joy, going farther – how cool is that?

I will be giving away a copy of this awesome book.  To be entered to win, leave a comment below.  You’ll be glad you did if you are the lucky winner of this book!! <- drawing closed 

{{HUGS}} yall



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  1. Virgil Glaser says:

    She could have written an entire book based on your works Spreading Joy and your virtual {{{{HUGS}}}} throughout the internet. I know I look forward to mine.

    Savannah, Ga

    • Spreading Joy says:

      Virgil, you need to email me your address there in Savannah my friend!! I have to get a copy of this wonderful book to you!! big {{HUGS}} for you!!

  2. grumpygrady says:

    well i can say i knew her before she got famous
    and if i don’t get my$10 dollars a week i will tell stories

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