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Spreading Joy Daily has never been easier!

You love the 50 Ways of Making a Difference without Spending a Penny   and Another 50 ways right here!


Making a Difference is as Easy as ABC…. 


Now, get ideas for an entire year!


Feel like you can’t make a difference because you don’t have the financial resources? Have you ever wondered how to make a difference without breaking the bank?  Do you just like to see others smile?

Spreading Joy Daily will equip your heart with ideas for each day of the year! (Click the book cover to order your copy today!)

Spreading Joy Daily is full of 365 ideas that will get your heart soaring, your mind racing and will have you making a difference for others in no time. This book is designed to get you thinking of ways to make a difference each and every day. You’ll soon experience that “There’s NO joy like spreading joy” when your heart is flooded with the unspeakable joy that comes from living your life for others.

Many people feel that their “little” doesn’t matter and so instead of trying to do what they can, they simply don’t try. This book will remind you of the little things that make life big and get you thinking of ways to do more for others. 

Everyone can do this!

Regardless of your age, financial situation, education or background – there are ideas in here for everyone. You can do this! You can make a difference for others without breaking the bank!  We will help you.

This easy to read book offers daily tips on making a huge difference in the life of others.   You find today’s date, read it and set a plan into action.  Prepare for the week by reading the week on Sunday.  This book is full of practical ideas that will inspire more ideas as well as remind your heart that YES, yes we can make a difference daily!  

Spreading Joy Daily to others will cause your heart to be flooded with great joy!

Will you JOYn me and so many others as we splash in joy?

All proceeds from the sale of this book go directly back into Spreading Joy to Others!  

About Marie:

Seeing through the eyes of compassion and understanding the heart that desires to have an impact, Marie encourages others to see the full potential of the everyday, ordinary resources that is right within their reach.

Everyone needs to make a difference and with creative thinking and a unique look at the ordinary, she shows people all over the world just how easy it is to make a difference.  Regardless of circumstances, everyone has it within themselves to make a difference, Marie has a desire to be the voice that reminds others that it can be done.  Valuing the little things that make life big, seeing the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary journey of life and choosing to cause joy while choosing joy is something that everyone can harness the power from within to accomplish.

Spreading joy daily will allow your heart to see that “there’s no joy like spreading joy.”

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What people are saying:

Darlene M – Thank you not just for writing this WONDERFUL book, but for actually being pro-active in going forth and spreading the joy that everybody needs! I have always been a “glass half FULL” rather than half empty sort of person. I make a conscious choice to try to love everybody and to keep upbeat and positive at all times, but this book has SO many ideas that just never occurred to me. I do not have a lot of money, but the there are so many things in the book that I now realize that I can do that the costs are very nominal or free, so there is really no excuse NOT to be actively spreading joy. Your book is really a breath of fresh air!

Dana M – I love it! I’ve seen many ideas that I can’t exactly do, so I’ll tweek it and make it my own!

Brett C – Highly recommend the many simple ways you can encourage your family, friends, and your community. You too can make an impact no matter how small, like a ripple in a pond

Denisa G - It INSPIRES me to help those who really need and appreciate whatever I can give. My friends and I used to do some damage at the malls , buying material things that don’t mean a THING. We still shop every now & then, but we put our $$$ to MUCH better use now & the difference in my friends has WARMED my heart….I see them giving from their hearts to others and it has brought out a softer side in many of them. Keep Spreading Joy…it’s INFECTIOUS!! The book gives you soooo many WONDERFUL ideas so you can be JOYFUL Year Round!!!

Marlo W – Building on the foundation that “You matter” and “Everyone can make a difference” Marie Wikle, Founder of Spreading Joy Corp., takes the reader through 365 days of daily practical application of giving to others. Packed with Encouragements, Hugs, Thank-You’s, Wishes and Nuggets of Joy, this is not just another `Motivational Devotional’. The brilliance behind the heart of the Author is in how through applying these often overlooked simplicities in life, the readers are built up in the knowledge that they themselves are NOT “Too Small to Make A Difference”.

From Texas – It’s not a thick book, this one. That’s deliberate, I think – it’s so easy, thinking about something like spreading joy daily, to say “It’s just too much. It’s too large, and I am too small. I can’t do anything.” If you have ever said that – felt hopeless – thought you were just too small to count – this is the book for you.

There are snippets of ideas for every day of the year, many of them cheap or free, that will truly improve the lives of people around you, family and strangers both. You can do it. You can make a difference, you can, as they used to say, brighten the corner where you are. And after all, if we all do that, brighten our millions of tiny corners, the end result will be a brighter world. Which means the world will be brighter for us, too.

I’m putting a copy in my church’s library. I’m giving one to a friend. And I’m keeping mine where I can see it.


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