Christmas Joy 2015

Hugs at Christmas JOY

What is Christmas JOY 2015? 

Christmas Joy, giving, doing and caring for others #spreadingJOY

Glad you asked! It’s our annual event where we bring Moms and Children in for a Christmas party! We allow the moms to shop for presents for their children, allow the children to play games, have crafts and to shop for free at our GINORMOUS Candy store. Yep – C A N D Y store! Usually about 40-50 different candies are theirs for the taking.

All for FREE. 

The kids will make thank you cards, and hear the Christmas Story and the moms will receive some encouragement all before choosing and wrapping the gifts they will give to their children on Christmas morning.

When you look at the faces of these kids, you’d think they were receiving PURE Gold! But they are getting love, joy, hot dogs, spaghetti, drinks, dessert and lots of hugs!

Oh yeah, I hug every single one of them. I’m not even kidding about that. 




These toys aren’t expensive toys. They are toys that have been donated by people with generous hearts like YOURS!

You are making this possible and I want to say in advance thank you!  We need toys, because without these toys, there really wouldn’t be much of an event now would there?

How can you help us get the toys you ask? Wow… thank you for that! 

1.  You can click the Paypal donate button in the top right corner up there and donate safely and securely and since we are an IRS Approved Non Profit, your donation is tax deductible as allowed by the law. You should know, there are no employees at Spreading Joy.  We are all volunteers! Yep, including me, Marie the founder. Your donation will not fund an extravagant salary…..nope, not at all. It will go right back into spreading joy to others! 

2.  You can Mail a check and avoid paypal fees – Mail to Spreading Joy PO box 1771 Denver NC 28037 and again 100% of it will go toward others! And thank you in Advance!

3.  You can shop online at and ship for FREE to our local store! Yep! Don’t you love technology? Our walmart is located at 7131 NC-73, Denver, NC 28037 – please include my name – Marie Wikle as the person that will Pick up. To make all the gifts even, we keep the costs around $10 each. and thank you in advance for this too!

These kids may never get the chance to hug or thank you personally but you should know that your kindness will impact their hearts for a LIFETIME! 


Christmas Joy Cares

How else can you help this year? Wow…aren’t you in the Christmas Spirit this year? I’m sooo glad you asked!

Here are a few other ways you can help! 

  • Collect Toys or Gift Cards – Ask your company, your church, your small group, Sunday School or family to help you collect toys and/or gift cards! Even if you only collect 10 toys, that will go a long way to help!  NO amount is too small! (If your organization decides to help in this way, please let me know so that I can list you in our thank you/follow up post.)
  • Donate National Gift Cards – Wal-mart, McDonalds Etc – We can use these as gifts for the older kids as well as shop with them if necessary
  • Share this Page – Share this page DAILY on twitter and often on your other Social Media Platforms! You never ever EVER know who is looking for a way to make a difference! S H A R E this page DAILY! Please!
  • Purchase Toys and send to us – yes the shipping may be a bit more, but I know the JOY of purchasing toys for kids that need the help.  You can even send $10 McDonald or Walmart gift cards to help save with the cost of shipping. Every single one helps! (PO Box 1771 Denver NC 28037) I know…I’m repeating myself.
  • Email and Ask – Send a link to this page in an email challenging everyone you know to give at least $5 or $10 towards the Christmas Needs of Children.  Get your child to mail in a buck or 2 and I’ll send them a card and photo after the event so they can keep it.
  • Get your Children Involved – Teaching kids to give to children less fortunate will enable them to be adults that give.  Have the ask family members to help with giving.  Adults will love helping kids that help other kids!
  • Help with Our Candy Store – We want to be able to provide the kids a time of “shopping” in a huge candy store.  We had 40 different candies they were able to get last year and need to do the same this year.
  • Come and Volunteer – We will need people to help set up, to manage “areas”, to help wrap, to pick up food, clean up and crowd control. If you are in the area we would love for you to come and experience this event! You will LOVE it!


Kids are only kids once.

Will you JOYn me and trying to make sure that we can invite as many kids as we possibly can this year? We had 70 last year and would love to have 100 this year.

That means we need at least 500 gifts. That’s a HUGE undertaking for such a small Non Profit but hey, it’s Christmas. Right?

Thank you in advance for your gift!

Thank you in advance for asking others to give!

Thank you in advance for sharing this daily!

Thank you in advance for doing what you can!

Thank you in advance for volunteering!

Thank you in advance for you using your voice! It’s powerful. You tend to forget that… don’t forget it truly is more powerful than you realize.

Have fun making Christmas Joy happen for these kids!


boy thank you




no joy like spreading joy

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552 Bags of JOY

b2c in each bag

b2c in each bag

Pure Joy! This was our biggest year ever and we have Y O U to thank! 

552 Bags of Joy, love and hope were given out just because Y O U R heart cared! 

You Gave 552 bags of supplies that were also overflowing with great love! Your tweets day in and day out brought donations from people that I have never even heard of and because of that Y O U were able to help 552 children have a bag of supplies full of HOPE!


Y O U shared, you prayed, you gave and because of that these kids were hugging their bag as though they were hugging YOU back and in a way they were!

Do you see what you were able to give to them? These bags were loaded this year!

Check this out!

  • FIVE Spiral notebooks!
  • Bottle of Glue
  • Entire Pack of TEN pens
  • Pack of Colored Pencils
  • 24 Pack of Crayons
  • FIVE pencils
  • 2 Cute Erasers (gotta have some fun in there!)
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • TWO Glue Sticks
  • A Ruler
  • TWO Pocket Folders
  • A Highlighter
  • A Pack of Gummies
  • A pack of Reese Cups or some Non Peanut Butter Candy Bar (you know, peanut allergies)
  • and the absolutely cute, colorful Draw-String Bag with our logo on it reminding them that there is No Joy like Spreading Joy!

Your love, your gifts, your donations, your tweets, your work, your emails did all of this and because of you 552 children were able to go back to school with all of these basic school supplies this year and I cannot thank you enough! 


I read the heartfelt notes of “I wish I could do more” and thought if 100 more did just what you did, we could double our numbers, so thank you! 



I read the tweets of those that couldn’t donate saying they would do all they could to spread the word and thanked them because of their generosity, others would hear about our work and you never know who will give because of that!




Every voice is important! Every gift is huge and every person that worked to make this happen thank you! We couldn’t have done it without you! 

Thank you for impacting these children with Joy and Hope! Thank you for showing these families that people care in a time when anger and hatred are front and center on the news and Social Media! 

Thank you for showing others that no gift is too small and when we put our resources together that an amazing 552 children can be forever impacted for good! 



Thank you for caring! Thank you for Spreading Joy with us each and every day! Thank you for caring for others and for making a difference! 

Thank you! 


Please share this page on all of your Social Media pages so that others can see just how easy it is to make a difference!

With great love, hugs, adoration and JOY!


no joy like spreading joy

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2014 Back to School

back to school totals since 2009

Children….Impact Their Today and Change Their Tomorrow

Their today is sometimes unstable, fearful and at best there are few times a year that their little worlds are sprinkled with joy! Their future doesn’t have to be unstable or fearful, but all too often it turns out that way.

You can be part of changing their future by impacting their today!

back2school 2014

School should be fun and full of wonderful memories, but truth of the matter is that kids are often mean and cruel to those less fortunate.  Many children start each school year with left over items, torn backpacks and this starts their year off with ridicule and shame.

By impacting their “today” – you can help to change their tomorrow!

Don’t think for one moment that as an adult these children will not remember the kindness that was shown to them…they will. 


Thank you for your past support!  Since 2009 Y O U have helped us provide the following school supply items to children in need:

back to school totals since 2009

By providing brand new school supplies, we can help these children start their new year off with hope, JOY and love!

By providing brand new school supplies, we can give these children an opportunity to walk into their first day of school with their heads held high.

By providing brand new school supplies, we ARE GIVING these children an opportunity to succeed.


It will be burned into their hearts and minds that someone cared, that people from all over the world took the time and cared for their needs.   Changing their mindset from no one cares or how will I ever make it to – wow, someone half way around the world cares…someone from all 50 states care… SOMEONE cares, someone I can’t even thank…cares.  That alone will produce an optimistic attitude as so many people feel like no one cares.

Between now and the end of July 2014 we will be raising funds for our #Back2School 2014 event.

We invite you to show your heart for others and help to impact the school year for these awesome kids by making a donation of at least $10 today.  Many can give $25 a month, $50 a month or even $100.  Some of you could even send in larger gift that we could use as a matching gift!

Many of you give out of pure love and never want nor ask for anything in return….and that is the best kind of giving ever.  May of you give to pay it forward because you were helped in the past and KNOW the value of just how far a little help can go!  Many people will “trade up” a lunch, dinner or favorite coffee/dessert treat in order to spread a little joy to others and when that happens…the giver is also flooded with great joy!

Whatever the reason, the fact that you are giving is huge and you’ll help us in reaching others that are so often forgotten about.


You can give safely and securely via paypal (button over on the right) or you can mail in your gift to:

Spreading Joy Corporation

PO Box 1771

Denver NC 28037


Here is a list of the items we’d like to include in each Brand NEW Backpack:


  • 3 Spiral Notebooks
  • Ruler
  • Bottle of Glue
  • Pack of Pencil
  • Pack of Pens
  • Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
  • Pack of Colored Pencil
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Pack of Loose Leaf Notebook Paper
  • Highlighter
  • 3 Pocket Folders
  • Pack of Index Cards
  • Glue Stick
  • Pencil Holder


And if we can, we’d like to “sweeten” their day just a bit more by spreading some simple joys their way by including a Reese’s Cup, pack of gummy snacks and a Little Debbie Snack Cake.

Going above and beyond what the kids need is truly Spreading Joy!

My challenge to you:

  1.  Watch the videos below and see the smiles, laughter and hear some of their hopes and dreams
  2. Think back to your school years – were they good? Did you start out with less than what you needed? Did someone help you out?
  3. Share the link to this page on all of your social media pages
  4. Give – plan on giving something each month
  5. Check with your employer and see if they have a company match for charitable donations
  6. If you are in the Charlotte or surrounding areas, start a collection of school supplies if not, see if you can gather up Wal-Mart gift cards from those you work with.
  7. Tell your readers about this event by blogging it and linking back here.


We are an IRS Approved Non-Profit and all gifts will be properly receipted for your tax purposes

We want to give you a gift for supporting our Back to School Efforts.  When you make your donation of at Least $20 or more I will email you back a list to choose from.

We have signed books and CD from so many authors and musicians and you are sure to find something you’d love to have!

Here is a sampling of our Thank You gifts!

Books: (*are Signed!)Author Books: (*are Signed!)Author
She Did What She Could*Elisa MorganWho is This JesusMax Lucado
The Beauty of Broken*Elisa MorganThe mercy Prayer*robert Gelinas
Falling into PlaceHattie KaufmanOverextended*Lisa Harper
Packing Light*Allison VesterfeltThe Secret Thought of an Unlikely convertRosaria Butterfield
The Butterfly Effect*Andy AndrewsWhat is God Really LikeCraig Groeschel
Travelers Gift*Andy AndrewsReckless FaithKevin Harney
20,000 Days and Counting*Robert D. SmithThe Sacred Echo*Margaret Feinberg
Hands Free Mama*Rachel StaffordScouting the Devine*Margaret Feinberg
Discerning the Voice of God*Priscilla ShirerPromise for Miriam*vanenetta Chapman
Iscariot*Tosca LeeShattered*Dan Pettrey
How Great is our GodLouie Giglio Passion Talk Series
IndescribableLouie Giglio Passion Talk Series
Let’s Dance*Nicole C Mullen
Beca Shae
Music CD’s Music CD’s
EverfoundBread of Stone
Todd Agnew *Mina Oglesby
HylandRoyal Tailor
Spencer Kane *Steven Curtis Chapman*
SevenGlory*Johnny Diaz*



Thank you for impacting their world today and caring for their tomorrow!


beautiful thing about learning

Thank you for being a force of good when it seems the bad is overwhelming so many!

do nothing fell powerless

Thank you for being a Spreading Joy Hero! You matter!



no joy like spreading joy

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A LOOK at Spreading Joy’s Back to School Event:

You Are Invited

april party

april party


It’s my Birthday (April 8th) and YOU are invited to my Virtual Birthday Party.

What’s on my wish list you ask?

Well, I am surrounded by great love, have a roof over my head, a cute little car to drive….a job to go to each day, Reese’s Cups and coffee any time I want – so I’m more blessed than I deserve. (Well, one could never have too much coffee….or Reese’s Cups) …anyway

My wish list is an easy one – I wish for 200 Christmas Toys for our Christmas Joy 2014 event.  

For the entire month of April all donations will go to purchase (In May) toys for the kids.  

Your gift of $10 in honor of my birthday = TOYS for needy children

Your gift of $20 in honor of my birthday = TOYS for needy children

Your gift of $50 in honor of my birthday = TOYS for needy children

Your gift of $100 in honor of my birthday = TOYS for needy children

Will you celebrate with me? Will you please click this donate button and make my birthday a day (well a month) of great JOY? 


If you’d like to mail a donation for the kinds – please mail to:

Spreading Joy Corp
PO Box 1771
Denver NC 28037

Thank you!

Thank you for celebrating with me!




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Secretly Pay for a Meal

meal card

Secretly Pay for a meal or coffee! Have Fun Spreading JOY. Get These Cards FREE!

Have you ever secretly paid for someone’s meal? Isn’t it the greatest?

Have you ever purchase a coffee or meal for the person behind you in a drive through? If not, you should…it is so much fun.

The next time you are in a restaurant, look across the room and find someone that you could do this for.  Call over the server and ask for their ticket.  Give them this cute little business size card and tell them NOT to let the people know who paid for it.  When you do this, you are also bringing joy to your server, as they get the be the person that “hand delivers JOY” to the unsuspecting customer.


The next time you are in a drive through – tell the cashier at the window that you’d like to pay for the car behind you.  Ask them to give this neat card to them.  It explains that their meal has been paid for! Again, you are involving an additional person and spreading joy to more than just the recipient of the meal.

I love doing this!

I love thinking that if they’ve had a bad day, this will make it better.

I love surprising everyday ordinary people.

Do you know what I love more? I love that this simple act of joy will inspire them to do the same for others.

So that you can have fun Spreading Joy in this manner, I have these cards on hand for you to use.  They are the size of a business card and will easily go in your wallet.

I will send you these cards for FREE! 

Yes, you read that right.  FREE 

Please mail a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Spreading Joy
PO Box 1771
Denver NC 28037


If you put One Stamp on the envelope – I’ll send you back 6 cards. 

If you put TWO Stamps on the envelope – I’ll send you back 12 cards. 

Please, post this to your Facebook page, RT on Twitter and Share on Pinterest and Linked In so that others can know how to get these cute little business size cards for absolutely FREE!


If you’d rather not have the nice, sturdy little business cards – you can print them off here.


Have fun Spreading Joy and making a difference! 

Share your story below.  Have you done this?  Have you had someone pay for your meal?  Tell us about it below!



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Helping Others Through Grief

In valley of death

Father’s Day is such a difficult time for me…even still.

ways to encourage the grieving



My Dad died July 20th 2003 and sometimes, it’s still so very painful.  Even though we had 5 months to prepare for his death and we knew he was/is much better off, being without him was far more painful than anything I had ever experienced.

I’ve always been compassionate with people during this time as we all grieve differently.  There is no right or wrong way to deal with it.

Death, in general, is hard for us to deal with.  Even as a Christian and knowing that my loved one is in Heaven and there will be a grand reunion day someday, the journey of separation is still a tough one.

Many people feel awkward and have no clue what to say or do for someone who is grieving deeply.  They fear that they will say or do the wrong thing and cause more pain.  I can say with complete assurance that NOT saying or doing anything WILL cause more pain.

Here are some things that I’ve done and have had done for me.  Nothing is a sure thing, but, trust me, it all helps.

  1.  Acknowledge the pain – It’s ok to say “I’m sorry.”  And nothing more.  Many feel that those few words is simply not enough, but it truly is.  You don’t have to go into a long dissertation about why you are sorry.  A gentle smile, hug and I’m sorry is more valuable than you’ll ever know.
  2. Send a card – Send a card when the death occurs AND then, depending on the relationship, send throughout the year.  Going with them on the journey of “1st” is especially helpful.  A card on their first Christmas without them.  Their first birthday without them and then the person that died…their birthday.  If it was a child, I encourage you to do something monthly.  I can’t imagine this type of loss, but a year of letting them know you thought of them and the loss they are dealing with is priceless.  In 2000, both my children’s best friends died.  Megan was 5 ½ and Todd had just turned 9.  I knew and deeply loved both those children.  Saw them weekly and spent a lot of time with them.  I didn’t know what to do, but felt that I had to do something.  I sent both mothers a poem, card, verses – something – anonymously each month for a while. If you don’t know certain dates… then send something on the date that the loved one passed away.
  3. Hug them and often – When the dust settles and time has passed, gently hug them and tell them they are in your thoughts.  Don’t think that by remembering you’ll bring more pain.  You won’t.  You’ll bring more joy because of the fact you remembered.
  4. Use the name of the loved one that died – Their name is being said less and heard less now.  Use it.  A while back I was in the neighborhood that I grew up in and stopped in for a hot dog at the little hole in the wall place that has been there since I was a little girl.  I have no clue who it was, but while I was waiting, someone came in and placed an order and then turned to me and said “You are John Horne’s daughter aren’t you?”  I smiled and said yes, I was.  He smiled, shook his head and said “I sure do miss Big John.  He was a good ole boy with a huge heart.”  I smiled and thanked him for those kind words…and yes, my eyes filled with tears, but I was so thankful for that moment.
  5. Take Action– Don’t just ask the family members, “do you need anything?”  Don’t do it.  In all honesty, they don’t know.  So, if you’ll permit me to, I’ll give you a few things that are ALWAYS needed.
    • Disposable plates, cups, forks, spoons and napkins
    • Drinks and ice
    • Food, other than chicken.  J seriously… a sweet saint that is now in Heaven herself, brought chinese to our dads house during his last few days.  I told her later on that she made our day as we were all chickened out.
    • Breakfast – Stop by and get a dozen biscuits, drop them off on your way to work. Believe me when I say… someone is NOT sleeping.
    • Trash bags
    • Candy and snack basket.  Many people are dropping in and out and they always have children.  This is a huge help for the mom that wants to visit with her friend during this time of sorrow.
    • Fold up chairs – even soccer chairs that we carry in our trunks.  Put your name on it and let them borrow it.
    • Pizza – sometimes there is no warning of death, but other times…there is, like with my dad.  One night, while sitting up with him – it was 2am and we all wanted pizza.  Thankfully we ordered and got one.
  6. Continue to be a source of light and encouragement for the one’s left behind – This is huge.  Encourage them to do things for others, take them out to a dinner or even just window shopping.  Allow them to cry without making them feel guilty.  And never, ever say… “it’s been “x” amount of time, you should be over it.”  Encourage them to do something for someone else. Little things.   I spent 2 years in a dark depression after my dad died.  To this day, I don’t remember much about those 2 years and even just in the past year or so, found out things I didn’t even know.  For instance, even though I was trying to prepare everyone for his death and though I was prepared myself – when they compassionately took my father away, as if he were asleep and not in a body bag – all I could do was hug him and cry out I’m sorry…over and over.  I’m sorry.  “Someone” grabbed me and just held me while I sobbed.  For seven years, I had no idea who that was.  Discussing it sometime later, I found out.  And, I couldn’t remember what brought me out of my deep depression.  My sister told me not long ago that it was the ladies that wanted to “be a secret sister” in church but their limited finances kept them from it.  I literally poured myself into getting things donated so that they could do something for someone else.  Does this always work? I don’t know, but I do know that there is always more joy in giving of ourselves to others than we ever imagine.
  7. Go over and volunteer your services – Don’t just say, “I can come over and help.”  Just show up.  Chat with them and throw away cups that have been left out, napkins lying on the counter and take out the trash.  Load the dishwasher and do the “obvious” stuff.  THEN ask, “While I’m here, let me be a blessing to you, what is next?”


Be a friend during this most difficult time.  That is the main thing.

We all grieve differently.  We all walk on the journey of separation in our own way.  It doesn’t mean we have to go it alone.  Get counseling, seek medical help and/or wrap yourself with the love of those that are left behind with you.

May I add one more thing?  NOW is the time to say I love you.  Now is the time to forgive.  Now is the time to spend time with those you love.  Now!  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

[whispering] Happy Father’s Day Dad.  This journey has been harder than any, but my prayer is that through my pain, voice and time apart from you that someone else receives a blessing.  I love you and miss you dearly.

If you’ve been here, on this journey of separation, please help us help others by sharing in the comment section below what made a difference for you during the time your heart was grieving. 



*this article is listed at the Grace&Truth linkup found here



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Hope in Emptiness

Picture 002


I love that with the Resurrection there is hope in hopeless situations.

I love that even though it looks like things will end, that the beginning is right there in Christ, A new beginning in Christ. I love that when I feel that all is lost, the SONrise will remind me that the day can be even brighter when I choose to focus on HIM.

I love the joy we have in knowing that the gift of the cross is open and available for anyone who seeks peace that passes all understanding.

As we follow Jesus all the Way, This is my prayer for each of US

Lord, help us not to:

Focus on those that hurt me or use me for their gain. Even when I “thought” they were true friends. (Luke 6:28 Bless them that curse you and pray for them which despitefully use you)

Focus on how it looks like I’m not reaping from the goodness I’ve sown, when I’m so very blessed even though it’s not financial.

Focus on the impossibility because I know that with God all things are possible.

Focus on the why’s, the doubts or fears because I know to do so limits the good that I can do for the Lord.

Focus on the pain that engulfs my heart sometimes because in doing so, it blinds me from noticing and helping others that are hurting.

Focus on the famous because when I do, I lose sight of the forgotten ones that you bled and died for.

Focus on being powerful and mighty and just simply remain available for anything that you have for our life.

Focus on our inefficiencies but rather wrap my heart around the fact that I can do all things through Christ because HE strengthens me.

Focus on the past, because it will bog down my future with guilt, shame and keep me from pressing towards the great things God will do through me….right HERE, right NOW.

Lord, do help us to keep our eyes on YOU and to remain hopeful right in the middle of the impossible, because of the Empty Grave.


Because of the empty grave, there is hope in emptiness.

Keep your eyes on the Lord. Hopelessness will try to consume you at some point in your life, but look to the empty tomb, and the hope in the Resurrection of Christ and know that He loves you enough to take on death, hell and your fears for you.

Don’t focus on fear or failure.  Focus on the Father.


 Yes, I will


In Christ Alone


I will Follow

Interview with a Cowboy!

Robert Wilson, @CwbyWsdm on twitter was kind enough to interview me on his blog talk radio.  This act alone is an amazing way of spreading joy as it allowed me to get the word out to many that I could not have reached without his help.

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching energizes personal expansion spiritual enrichment with common sense. I am Hypnotherapist Neuro-Linguistic Speaker Published Author.

Cowboy Wisdom

Cowboy = Common sense savvy and fundamental life know-how

Wisdom = My Inner Lore that provides you with a saddle to ride through your journey of growth in all facets of your life.

I am an everyday life coach, brimming with common sense and wisdom for constructive fundamental change. Straight forward thoughts parallel an uncomplicated life with a positive lasso thrown to the Universe for visible results in your life. Cowboy Wisdom is fundamental life coaching with you focusing on your intentions, triggering a domino effect of positive changes in your life.

Your wagon train is beginning right now to the new frontiers of your life. Are you ready to saddle up and start?

Here is the link to the Blog Talk Interview! Enjoy

Spreading JOY Blog Talk Interview

Thank you, Robert, for allowing me to talk about my passion of Spreading Joy and encouraging others to make a difference where they are, with what they have. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell others that “There’s No Joy like Spreading Joy!” and Thank you for always starting my day out with a smile.

What do you think of the interview? Do you think we could be spreading joy across America? Do you think we’ll be able to raise $20,000 for our Back2School project?

Do you realize that the little things you do adds up to be HUGE rewards, return and will continue to grow in the hearts of those you touch?

Rob has several books that have been published.  Check them out here!

{{HUGS}} Yall

It’s been MY pleasure to speak with Rob several times.  He has a huge heart for helping others and is a supporter of Spreading JOY.  Here are the other interviews that we’ve done, discussing how spreading joy is helping, encouraging and motivating others.

Helping others at Christmas

Summer 2010 Interview