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My Favorite Twitter Helps….for you

Anyone that truly knows me, knows I love twitter.  I love the reach it has given me, I love the friends that I’ve made (yes, I said friends and yes…I do love them) and I love the encouragement that I receive there daily.  I love it.

I am on all the other Social Networks and you can use those buttons over on the sidebar to hit me up there, but if you really want to interact with me online, it will be better via twitter.   If you Tweet me, I’ll always reply….at some point.

So, what does a Non-Techy gal use to get the most from Twitter?  I’m glad you asked. :) I’ll share with you my favorite Twitter Helps.  These are in random order with the exception of the first one!

By the way, when you are experimenting with various Twitter helps, may I suggest that you try them for a few weeks and not just for a few days.  Tweet out questions about what you are using if you are just not getting the hang of it.  There are many people that will help you by answering your questions.

By Far the best thing for Twitter

  • TweetDeck – This is a Twitter must! You can have your @’s your dm’s and several columns all on ONE screen.  No flipping back and forth! When you are starting out, this is an easy way to categorize people into groups that appeal to you.  You can shorten links right from this page, send pictures, videos.  You can RT and edit tweets to add in your thoughts and comments.

It is available from a normal browser or you can download. I also have it on Google Chrome.

You need to check out the various things TweetDeck can do.   The real time update is amazing (no refreshing screens) when I’m participating in various Twitter chats or my absolute favorite… the Online LIVE Worship Service on Twitter… #Tworship.  (Click the link to see how to participate with us each week night.) I love the automation feature – I can schedule the songs and Invite people to JOYn us. You can setup your lists as well as your favorite twitter chats to be individual columns and move them around as you see fit. The larger your twitter account gets, you’ll appreciate this easy way to keep up with your friends.

HootSuite – this is just like tweetdeck, with the exception you can link up your other Twitter accounts and when you post, you can have it go to all of your Social Media accounts at once, including Facebook and Linkedin.  If you are using the free version, you can’t add in Google+ but the free version is sufficient enough to cover your other accounts.

Tweetdeck USE to have this feature until Twitter bought them out and removed that.

  • SocialOomph – Many features that I love like scheduling, replying and you can tie your blog here.  I don’t, but you can.  It is very user friendly.
  • Buffer – free version allows you to send out 10 posts a day.


Apps – there are so many apps for Twitter that do many different things.  Try various “free” versions, and if you like it – see if the paid version is even better.  - What apps do you use for Twitter?

Everything that I’ve mentioned so far is FREE for you to download and try.


Many have asked me how I’ve grown my Twitter account.  I’ll tell you.
Every day, I spend about 15 minutes following the people that I am on lists with.  If you listed me on a list, I would assume that the others you listed were in some way “like” me, so it made sense to follow them too.  (I have several lists and you can easily start with them as I feel like I follow the nicest, most amazing people in the whole world!)
People would follow back.  I did this for 2 years!  Saturday mornings, when I had more time, I’d spend a little more time and grew my account up to 19,000 followers.   I never would have imagined that I could be spreading joy to a thousand people, much less 19k.  Doing this manually isn’t awful and can be done quiet efficiently as you can see.  Being able to follow like people easily is actually available through several products.
A wonderful friend of mine that just loves super squishy hugs, gave me an awesome gift.

Tweet Adder.  Many people are skeptical of purchasing this but I have to tell you, it is worth the one time fee of $55.00 for One Profile. You can have up to 5 Profiles for $74.00, 10 Profiles for $110.00 and Unlimited Profiles for $188.00. (Many businesses use the multiple profiles.) This has been the best gift ever.


Tweet Adder will let you follow those that follow a certain person, or by lists, or hashtags or even key words in their profile.  If  you wanted to follow all of the coffee lovers in the world, you can do so. If you want to follow everyone in your city, you can do that too.  If people decided not to follow me back, I simply use my tweetadder to unfollow in 4 days.  Easy Peasy.
I can spend my time chatting, instead of spending my time following the lists I was added to & unfollowing those that don’t want to follow back.
Tweetadder does so much more than this! I want my followers to see certain articles so, I use the RSS Feed to Tweet their articles.  I just copied & pasted their RSS URL and now their new blog posts will tweet automatically.
Use the link I provided and check them out. While it looks like it takes you back to a regular tweetadder site – TRUST me, it IS tracking my affiliate number and credit will be given back.  If you just go to tweetadder on your own, no credit will be given…sooo, click below KNOWING you are helping Spreading Joy


http://www.tweetadder.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=12447If you decide to purchase this, Spreading Joy is an affiliate and they will give us back 50% of whichever package you purchase.  You’ll be easily making a difference by doing so.  You may also like being an affiliate for them because once you get 2 others to sign up, you’ll have gotten tweetadder for free.  Only being able to give back to others when people give to us….I know that every little bit makes a HUGE difference!


Using Tweet Adder, I can focus on doing what I do best – and that is Spreading Joy and encouraging those that need it.


If you don’t want to purchase tweetadder and wonder who isn’t following you back, you can go to www.friendorfollow.com and see who isn’t following back for free.

May I caution you though?


If you simply “grow” your account using Tweet Adder but never interact with those that you follow, you’ll miss out on some amazing friendships, wonderful laughs and some good times.  Think about it.  People like Oprah and others “stars” that only follow 20 people are missing out on some pretty cool friendships from all over the world.  I noticed that early on and wrote an article about it a few years back.  Even though it is a few years old, it still holds true today.   Click here to Read about the friendships I made early on.


Lastly, here are some other Twitter Apps You may Enjoy!  All Free!
  • Seesmic - Much Like TweetDeck
  • Twello – yellow pages of Twitter
  • Twitter Counter – lets you see your growth at a glance & some cool buttons
  • Nutshell Mail – Cool way to track groups, lists & is delivered to your inbox on your schedule
  • TweetReach – To see the impact of your tweet OR if you use the web, see who has RT’d you and say thank you
  • paper.liThis is an amazing app that collects “links” through the day and puts in a News Paper Format.  I have 3 of them and I subscribe to them all so that I can go back and read at my leisure each night.  The Spreading Joy Daily, The Praying Peeps Daily and the Praying Peeps2 Daily.  The SJ daily collects links from those I follow and usually has about 200 articles or ore.  The PP daily collects links from ONLY those on my 2 lists.  Awesome stuff!!

This is just a drop in the bucket compared to the things that you can find on Google or Goodsearch.  Remember, when you Goodsearch – good search for spreading joy and they will make a donation to us!

To save you some time, here are a few links to a few pages that have hundreds of Twitter helps.

Ministry and Social Media working together? You betcha! and it works well.  The gals over at @StickyJesus will help you – stickyJesus.com  exists to equip you, the Christ follower, to confidently live out your faith in the digital world. We’re here to infuse biblical perspective and daily inspiration into your online time. We’ll help you grow your technical know-how so you can share the sticky love of Jesus Christ with others. We’re teaching, listening, and collaborating with a fired-up community of digital scribes about culture, social media, and the kind of relationship building that will outlive cyberspace. Are you in?

Here is the best introduction to twitter that I’ve seen in a while!Intro to Twitter  Thanks @partyaficionado

Over 275 items here - http://www.squidoo.com/twitterapps

99 items here - http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/03/17/99-essential-twitter-tools-and-applications/

Here are some CUTE & FREE Twitter “Follow Me”  Icon Buttons

Also – Do you know Twitter has limits? Yes, they do.  Check them out here.

I do have an extra account on twitter, just incase anything were to happen – feel free to follow over there too.  @jailedJOY  I don’t use it much – but sometimes it’s necessary and sometimes, I just “play” there.

One last thing and probably the most important of all!!!

HAVE FUN…plain and simple.  

What do you think? 

What are your favorite Twitter Apps?  

Talk to me….I want to know!



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